BMG News & Updates - June 2017

Summer Skin Care Tips

By Buffalo Medical Group | June 13 2017 | Doctor Tips

Summer is finally here. And while most of us look forward to the warm weather and sun (which can be a rarity in Western New York!), it's important to remember what it means for our skin. With the summer sun, it's all about prevention and protection.

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Buffalo Medical Group Partners with Circuit Clinical

By Buffalo Medical Group | June 7 2017 | BMG News & Updates

Buffalo Medical Group (BMG), one of the oldest and largest physician-directed group practices in New York State, has signed with Circuit Clinical, a Buffalo startup that aims to partner with community based physicians to bring clinical research studies to their patients.

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Vitamin D – Where to Get It and Why You Need It

By Buffalo Medical Group | June 2 2017 | Doctor Tips

With summer coming, the sun is great for vitamin D, but many of us don't get enough of it and need additional sources, such as supplements or certain foods. If you want to add more vitamin D into your diet, choose foods like fatty fish and cod liver oil.

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