Does your yogurt have more sugar than a candy bar?

By Buffalo Medical Group | May 24 2019 | Doctor Tips

When people think of yogurt, often times they associate it with being healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes these foods we perceive as being “healthy,” aren’t that healthy at all. Catherine Ayers, Buffalo Medical Group’s registered dietician, helps us break down what we should be looking for in our yogurt, to make sure it’s the healthy snack or breakfast you’re trying to eat!

Shockingly enough, there are yogurts on the market with higher sugar content than candy bars.

That seems crazy, right? You think you’re making a good decision by steering away from candy, or other unhealthy treats, when in reality the yogurt you’re consuming has even more sugar than the sweet alternatives. Catherine stresses the importance of reading all your labels to make sure the grams of protein are higher than the grams of sugar.

Protein > Sugar

A standard snickers bar contains 20 grams of sugar per serving. The following yogurts exceed 20 grams of sugar per serving:

  • Noosa
  • Brown Cow
  • Wegmans Fruit On The Bottom
  • Yoplait Whips
  • Liberte

The following yogurts have a higher protein content with  lower sugar Рand no artificial sweeteners!

  • Siggis
  • Chobani Less Sugar
  • Icelandic Provisions
  • Oikos Triple Zero
  • Liebe
  • All plain greek yogurts

We hope this helps you next time you’re at the grocery store picking out your yogurt!

If you are a patient of Buffalo Medical Group, and believe you may be a good candidate for nutrition counseling, talk to your physician. At Buffalo Medical Group, our nutrition counselor works with our physicians and provider teams to provide a full spectrum of nutritional counseling services for patients. Our dietitian, Catherine Ayers, provides one-on-one nutrition counseling to help patients with weight loss, improving glucose levels for those with diabetes, and assisting with diet to help manage chronic kidney disease.