Men’s Health Month: Small Steps to Live a Healthier Life

By Buffalo Medical Group | June 15 2018 | Doctor Tips

June is Men’s Health Month. It is important for men to take care of their health all year; however, we place an extra focus on this issue in June as a means of education for men regarding the top health issues they are faced with.  It is also important to remind them how to protect themselves and stay healthy.

Primary Care Physician, Dr. Joseph Corigliano, is sharing the top help issues men are faced with, and why it’s so important for them to be proactive with their health care.  Statistics show women are three times more likely to visit their doctor on a regular basis than men, and are overall better advocates for their health.  This is despite the fact that on average, men have a shorter life expectancy and higher mortality rates for health issues such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

We can’t say for certain why men aren’t taking more control over their health, but we can provide them with the information they need to understand why taking proactive, preventative measures can be lifesaving and empowering.

What are some of the most common health issues men face?

  1. Heart Disease – This is the leading cause of death for men in the United States, and accounts for 1 in every 4 male deaths.
  2. Prostate Cancer – Besides skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. One in six men will be diagnosed in their lifetime, but only one in 35 will die from it, which is why seeing your doctor regularly and understanding the risks, screening methods, and treatment options are so important.
  3. Colorectal cancer – One in 22 men will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in his lifetime, a disease that can be easily detected, and treated if caught early, which is why it’s important to discuss a screening plan with your primary care physician.
  4. Depression – It was previously thought that depression was more common in women, than men, but studies have shown that depression is actually more common in men. We have found that they have a higher tendency to hide depressed feelings, and suppressing depressive thoughts, without seeking help.
  5. Diabetes – Diabetes can start without any obvious symptoms. Seeing a primary care physician for annual physicals can help identify diabetes symptoms, so men can get tested and treated effectively.

What should men do to avoid these health issues, and stay healthy?

  • Do not wait to see a doctor until something is wrong –  It is wise to establish a relationship with a primary care physician and receive annual physicals.
  • Take any changes in your health, or how you’re feeling seriously – If something seems wrong, or doesn’t feel right, call your doctor. Do not ignore any symptoms or avoid going to the doctor.
  • Mental health is just as important as physical health – it’s important that men talk to their doctor about mental health issues they may be facing. Men tend to minimize uncomfortable feelings.
  • Talk to your doctor about your family history – this will make sure your doctor places an extra focus on disease processes and conditions family members have had. This is an easy way to engage prevention and early detection.

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