Patient Success Story: James – Managing his Diabetes

By Buffalo Medical Group | November 8 2017 | Patient Testimonials

Patient: James, Age 66, Hamburg

James began working with our Dietician – Catherine Ayres, MS, RD, CDN — in spring 2017, after being referred for diabetes nutrition counseling. This was James’ first nutrition education session since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 10 years ago.

Upon the first follow up visit, Catherine observed a significant improvement in James ability to identify triggers for high glucose.  According to James, his goals were to lower his A1C and lose weight.

“Catherine taught me how to actually read a food label. She made it easy for me, which put me on the right track to succeed,” said James. Some of guidelines Catherine provided for diabetic management:

-Look for more protein over sugar

-Consume vegetables 3x/day

-Drink plenty of water

James quickly understood the importance of following a healthy eating plan and desirable glucose control. Working together over the past few months, following an individualized food plan – James has achieved his lowest HbA1C in more than four years. His hard work and positive lifestyle changes have proven to be successful. Catherine adds, “James has been a delight to work with, always eager and prepared to learn more about diabetes self-management, and it is stories like these that fuel my passion for this practice.”