Seamless Care through our Hospitalist Service

By Buffalo Medical Group | May 11 2018 | BMG News & Updates

Our Hospitalist Service is just another way we are continuously striving to bring coordinated care to our patients – so whether you’re visiting us at one of our BMG office locations, or are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital, we have you covered.

How does the Hospitalist service work?

As a patient of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) at Buffalo Medical Group, you are eligible to utilize our Hospitalist Service. Once the Hospitalist staff is up to speed on your case, they will meet you at your bedside, and will continue to see you several times throughout your stay to monitor your condition, and help care and treat you, until you are ultimately released. The goal of our Hospitalist providers is to work with your outpatient team of doctors, not replace them. At the time of hospital admission, you must let the hospital know that you are a patient of Buffalo Medical Group.

Our team of highly-trained internal medicine doctors and advanced practice providers are available to care for you, day or night, during your hospital stay. During your stay, you may see a hospital-based physician, or Advanced Practice Provider (APP).

Which hospitals are the BMG Hospitalist providers available?

Our Hospitalist providers available at Millard Fillmore Suburban, Buffalo General Hospital, Sisters of Charity Hospital and Mercy Hospital of Buffalo.

Providing our patients with this enhanced level of care and service is just another way were treating people well at Buffalo Medical Group. We understand being at the hospital can be an overwhelming experience, so our team works to provide you with exceptional, convenient care throughout your hospital stay, and after you’ve been discharged.

Learn more about our Hospitalist Service, and providers, and get more answers to your FAQs today.