Share your medical records with any provider, anywhere

By Buffalo Medical Group | February 9 2018 | BMG News & Updates

Share Everywhere, powered by Epic, is a new way for you to share your medical information with the people who are taking care of you. Using your MyChart or MyChart mobile account, you can generate a share code and provide it to the person you want to share your health data with. This might be a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, dentist, or school nurse, for example. The share code recipient enters that code and your date of birth on the Share Everywhere website to receive one-time, temporary access to your health information. The person who views your information can also write a note back to your health system to help keep your care team informed of the care they provided.

How it Works:

Sharing your record is easy and takes only a minute!

1. Go to the Share Everywhere activity.

  • On the MyChart website, it’s accessible under the Health > Medical Tools menu.
  • On the MyChart mobile app, it’s accessible from the home screen after you’ve logged in. Note that you must update the MyChart mobile app to version 5.4 or higher to use Share Everywhere.

2. Enter the name of the person who will be viewing your record and request the share code.

3. Tell that person to go to www.shareeverywhere.com to enter the code along with your date of birth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can I share my record with?

You can share your record with anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection.

How long can that person view my record?

The person you give a share code to can view your health information only until they log out of the Share Everywhere website. They cannot log in later and see it again unless you give them another share code.

What information can the person I share my record with see?

The person you share your record with can see a subset of the same information you can see in your own MyChart account, including medications, allergies, health issues, immunizations, care gaps, lab results, medical history, visit records, and code status. If your health system hasn’t made a particular part of your chart available to you in MyChart, it also isn’t available in Share Everywhere.

How is Share Everywhere secure?

To generate a share code, you must be logged in to your MyChart or MyChart mobile account. When you generate a share code, it is valid only until it’s used, up to five minutes. To be able to see your information in Share Everywhere, the person you give your share code to must also know your date of birth. If this person enters your date of birth incorrectly three times, the share code is invalidated. As an additional layer of protection, the share code redemption page is protected by reCAPTCHA.

Can I use Share Everywhere to share a family member’s information?

Yes, if your healthcare organization allows it and you have access to the family member’s information in MyChart. For example, if you have proxy access to your child’s chart in MyChart, you can generate a share code from the child’s record and give it to the provider just like you could from your own MyChart account. The provider can see the same information you can see for your child.

Need assistance?

If you’re having trouble with MyChart, or Share Everywhere, please call 716.630.1087, and someone will be happy to assist you.